Environmental Policy

Unika Color products Ltd will, as a minimum, comply with all applicable environmental legislation and other requirements that are relevant to the operations it carries out.

We will endeavour to develop our manufacturing processes so that their impact upon the environment is minimised as much as possible.

All Unika employees will be made aware of their responsibilities regarding the company’s environmental aspirations and any training needs identified will be actioned by the most effective means thus ensuring their tasks are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner.

Where practicable we will strive to reduce the waste we produce by minimising unnecessary packaging and making our manufacturing processes as efficient as possible.

We will carry out regular audits on our environmental procedures in order to identify any necessary improvements, and so, ensure the continual improvement of our environmental management system.

The joint managing directors and their appointed persons will have the responsibility for ensuring that the company’s operations are monitored and continually improved and that the company’s commitment to protecting the environment is upheld.

As part of Unika’s environmental management system we set ourselves objectives and targets which are reviewed along with the policy and manual at environmental management review meetings, held annually.

We have made this policy available to the public via our website and invite any opinions or feedback from both inside and outside of the company.  Copies of both the environmental policy and manual are available upon request.