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ColorFill Worktop Joint Sealant

The original laminate worktop joint sealant and repairer

First on the market – ColorFill worktop joint sealant and worktop joint repairer has been used by tradesmen since its formation 26 years ago. It is the de facto standard for Joiners and Worktop Fitters.

ColorFill has been scientifically formulated and tested to resist moisture, detergent and other household products.  It will withstand heat and direct sunlight.

ColorFill is manufactured in the UK by Unika Color Products Ltd. Read more about Unika here.

ColorFill was first manufactured in Australia in 1987 as a worktop joint sealant to match Formica worktops and laminated products sold in the region and in New Zealand. ColorFill was first brought into Europe with Formica in 1990 and was demonstrated to the trade on their exhibition stand at KBB Alexandra Palace.

The initial feedback couldn’t have been better and the founder of Unika Paul Rogers seized the opportunity and set up a company in Glasgow Scotland to market the worktop joint sealant products.

ColorFill was initially available in 100 colours mainly matched to the Formica brands of laminates and worktops but as the demand grew Unika added more and more colours to match all of the popular worktops available including those manufactured in Germany , France and Italy. In Europe a subsidiary company was set up to supply the Benelux and Germany and here laminate flooring was popular so the wood colours became best sellers.

ColorFill was exhibited at Interzum Exhibition in Germany , ZOW in Germany , Italy and Spain , at KBB and ASFI exhibitions in the UK and at timber shows in Vegas and Atlanta in the US. After only a few years ColorFill was established as the industry standard for worktop joints and for repairs to tops and to laminate floors.

ColorFill Worktop Joint Sealant

Waterproof worktop joint sealant

ColorFill is 100% Waterproof – no amount of water will break ColorFill down. This makes ColorFill perfect for laminate worktop joints. We are more than happy for you test ColorFill’s waterproof properties. Now that’s what you need in a worktop joint!

Technical test:

  • Squeeze out a liberal amount of ColorFill onto a laminate off cut.
  • Wait for it to dry – leave for 24 hours
  • Place ColorFill in a glass of water and leave there for as long as you like from a day to a year!

ColorFill with its hydrophobic base polymer structure and lack of additives such as surfactants and coalescing solvents as used with emulsion polymers, is impervious to water.

Waterproof Worktop Joint Sealant

No more blown joints

Water-based Worktop Sealants, when dried out and immersed in water, pick up moisture.  This causes the swelling of the cured polymer structure.  These sealants will allow moisture to migrate into the worktop joint and diffuse into the chipboard core resulting in the opening of the joint and potential swelling of the core.

Colour Matched Worktop Joint Sealant

Large colour range

ColorFill has the widest colour range of all Worktop Joint Sealants – 449 Colours to be exact and this number is increasing all the time as new laminate decors hit the market.

All Worktop and Flooring Laminates are exactly matched and can be searched for in our ‘ColorFill Search’

Worktop Joint Sealant

ColorFill Guarantee

ColorFill can guarantee that when used correctly there will be no joint ingress this means there will be no snagging for the fitter and 100% customer satisfaction.

With such high performance, a wide colour range and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, why choose anything else?

Directions for use: Worktop joints

There are a number of ways to choose the correct ColorFill worktop joint sealant for your laminate.

You can use the worktop manufacturer or retailer information, or choose by colour.  Visit our ColorFill search to find the right colour for your project.

  • You will need 1 Tube of ColorFill per joint
  • ColorFill should not be mixed or combined with any other material in the joint
  • Do not overstress joints
  • Apply and finish immediately. Don’t delay or ColorFill will set and no longer be effective

Instructional video:

Worktop Joint Sealant

Step 1

Use 1 tube of ColorFill per joint. Apply a thick bead of ColorFill around the leading edge of the joint to both the bottom and top of the exposed core taking care to ensure adequate sealant around the front and back edges and bolt slots.

Invisible Worktop Joint Sealant

Step 2

Quickly close the joint and allow excess sealant to squeeze out of the joint, align the two sides and tighten the bolts fully. Do not overstress joints. It is important that the joint is closed quickly as the sealant will start to set immediately.

Invisible Worktop Joint Sealant

Step 3

The excess sealant should be removed with a spatula which should be drawn towards the front edge from the back of the worktop applying pressure down and into the joint thus ensuring there are no air holes along the top of the joint.

Clean off the remaining surplus sealant with a solvent moistened tissue taking care not to dislodge any ColorFill still setting in the joint.  Clean across the joint at 90° to the cut at all times.

To ensure a perfect finish a final coat may be applied later if necessary. ColorFill should not be mixed or combined with any other material in the joint.

The result is a clean, hygienic and waterproof joint which is almost invisible.

Worktop Joint Repair

Directions for use: Laminate repairs

Step 1:
Clean the damaged area with a solvent moistened tissue to ensure there are no oil or grease residues on the surface.
Clean across the area with a spatula to remove any small chips or fragments.

Step 2:
Select the correct colour and squeeze out a liberal amount onto the edge of the ColorFill spatula. Position the spatula behind the area to be repaired and press firmly down on the surface pulling the spatula towards you filling the area with ColorFill. Scrape off the overfill from around the damage and draw the spatula across the damage.

Step 3:
Use a solvent moistened tissue to clean off the overfill around the repair taking care not to clean out the filled area.

Step 4:
For final clean up allow 24 hours to fully harden and clean the area with household washing up liquid and warm water.

Pack sizes

Worktop Joint Repair

ColorFill Trade Pack

Box of 9 25g tubes

Colour Matched Worktop Joint Sealant

ColorFill Hanging Box

25g tube of ColorFill + 20ml Solvent + Applicator/Scraper

Invisible Worktop Joint Sealant

ColorFill Single

25g tube of ColorFill

Service and distribution

Manufactured in UK
Unika has been manufaturing coloured adhesives for over 25 years.

We ship worldwide
We are a UK company with further distribution in Germany and we ship to over 80 countries worldwide.

Fast Production/Delivery
We stock over 400 colours as standard.

Special colours are 2 weeks from order confirmation.

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